How to hold your own in a male-dominated workplace

It can be mentally and physically exhausting to be one of a few women in a competitive workspace.
Here’s how to keep your head above water:
Don’t pander to anybody: You are not there to be likable, you are there to do your job. Don’t start out trying to please anybody.
You are not the designated female for anything: If they need coffee poured, they can pour it themselves. If they want someone in charge of food for the Christmas party, insist on a ballot. In your workplace, you are their colleague first and a woman second.
Work harder than anyone in the room: This is obvious; let your work speak for you before anything else. Make sure you are working harder than anyone else. You have a point to prove.
Network: When they leave for drinks after work, freshen your makeup and go with them. Networking should not be a man-only space. You don’t know what opportunities you might miss.
Pick your battles: Not everything is a gender war. Know how to pick your battles, and make sure you win every time.
Be that woman that none of them wants to mess with.

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