How to determine your core values

I have been talking about core values for a while now and have defined values as precepts or principles that help one stay grounded in adversity and even guide daily life.
A person can have a wide range of values but some will be more dominant than others. For example, mental self-care is one of mine so I spend time reading and talking to people who broaden my perspective.
You may not place a premium on knowing your core values but that means you have not truly discovered who you are. It also means that you tend to be inconsistent in your actions and behavior. That is no way to live. So, how do you identify your core values?
1. Read up on the subject
If you are on the path to self-discovery then you should read a wide range of books and online resources on the subject to see the values that you identify with. You could extract a list of 5-10 values in varying levels of intensity from this.
2. Who matters to you most?
There are certain people you hold dear but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? It is most likely because they embody the values you appreciate. So do some introspection to identify these.
3. Be observant
You are you but that does not mean you know all of yourself. You still have to take time to learn what makes you tick. Therefore, pay attention to your choices and what informs them. Over time, you will discover a pattern and learn the prominent values that guide your actions.
4. Ruminate on experiences
Cast your mind back on both good and bad experiences, how they affected you and what got you through them or how you got there in the first place (if it’s a good experience).

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