How to deal with domineering parents

Some of us are blessed with parents that just have a way of being all up in our business. Even when you are grown they don’t seem to realize that and they keep dictating to you what you ought to do even from miles away.
Of course, we all understand that parents love us and want the best for us but they should also allow us to make our choices and mistakes if need be. However, how do you get this message across to your parents?

1. Call them out on their behavior
Sometimes, they keep doing what they do because you have never stood up to them. Of course, I don’t mean you should be rude to your parents but you should learn to put your foot down on matters you are convinced of. Tell them when they are overstepping and hopefully with time they will learn.

2. Use distance to your advantage
If you guys live apart then thank God. You can easily use the distance as an excuse not to go home so often and call occasionally. Please, I am not saying you should abandon your parents. I am saying that if calling/visiting every day would expose you to unfavourable comments then take it down to twice a week.

3. Be responsible for yourself
Your parents are probably domineering because you give them a reason to be. If you don’t pick up after yourself, go running to them once something goes wrong or you can’t make decisions without their input then they will always treat you like a child. Step up!

4. Bond with other members of the family
Your parents’ attitude may make you stay away from the home but that doesn’t mean you should become estranged from your family. Do your best to always reach out to siblings and other relatives and maintain the familial bond.

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