How to build your self-esteem

Self-esteem refers to a realistic, positive opinion of yourself but too many of us are too critical of ourselves, believing the worst of ourselves. This keeps us from fulfilling all we could. It is time to change that.
1. Be aware
First, identify that you have a problem. Next, you have to pinpoint the kinds of negative perceptions you have of yourself. Once they come up, you should try reminding yourself that thoughts are not facts. That you are thinking them doesn't mean they are true of you.
2. Use affirmations
Once you get up in the morning, look in the mirror and say positive things about yourself. In fact, write them down. The more you do this, the more your subconscious will accept it.
3. Cut off from negative people
You really don't need negative energy so people who make you feel crappy should be given the boot. If they are people you can't help but see then tune out their voices with your positive confessions.
4. Don't compare yourself with others
You are unique and no one else can do what you are equipped to do in life so quit comparing your life with someone else's.
5. Never use circumstances to judge who you are
You may be in an unfavourable situation right now e.g. no job or money but that does not define you. Situations change so don't let that form the basis of how you see yourself.
6. Channel your energy to something positive
Find something you are passionate about or good at and throw yourself into it. You will find fulfillment and feel better about yourself. Also, do good deeds for people, especially those who can't repay you.
7. Exercise
Paying attention to your body releases feel-good hormones and makes you appreciate yourself more.
8. Let go
There might be people who hurt you in the past. Learn to forgive them so you can move on.