How to brush your teeth: Are you doing it right?

    You are not a child but I can almost bet that you don't brush your teeth properly. Therefore, will you be humble enough to let me teach you how to brush well?  Lol. 
Let us start with the kind of toothbrush to use. Make sure it is a medium bristle brush. Don't go for the hard ones; they can make your gums recede while soft ones may not get all the grime out. Also, the bristle area of your toothbrush should not be flat. It should be curved, with the middle going inside because your molars and premolar surfaces are not flat. They are jagged so you need something that is shaped similarly. 
Now, let’s delve into brushing. Did you know that you are supposed to brush for at least 2 minutes? That is how long it takes to brush your teeth properly. I can imagine that you don't spend that much time. Time yourself to find out. 
Also, brush twice a day. Ideally, this should be right before bed and after breakfast to remove bits of food lodged in your teeth. Yup! Don't take brushing before bed lightly. Recently, my friend suffered tonsil stones and when she began brushing at night, they all fell out and she didn't have to use medication anymore. So, make a commitment from today to brush before bed. 
Lastly, when brushing, make sure you concentrate on all sides of your teeth- the inner section, the parts that are deep within and tongue.  Don't focus on only the outer part of your teeth that everyone sees if you want to have fresh breath. 
With that, we have come to the end of the crash course on how to brush your teeth.  Learn anything new? 

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