Getting rid of high blood pressure without medication

In alleviating high blood pressure, it isn’t all about swallowing pills to bring your numbers down. There are certain lifestyle changes that could in many ways control your blood pressure and save you from heart or kidney failure and stroke.
Here are some lifestyle changes proven by cardiologists to be quite effective in the treatment of hypertensive patients.
Weight loss
Being obese or overweight takes a toll on your blood pressure, therefore, losing some pounds is one of the most effective ways in regulating your blood pressure.
Healthy diet and exercise 
These two should go hand in hand while trying to lose some weight. Ditch your high cholesterol and fatty foods for whole grains, low-fat foods, fruits, and veggies. Indulging yourself in physical activity and consistent body exercise will also bring down your blood pressure without you sniffing a pill.
Steer clear from alcohol and caffeine
At this point your body doesn’t need any of the toxins in alcoholic drinks or a shot of caffeine, keep your alcohol or coffee intake to the barest minimum and embrace other much healthy drinks and beverages.
Reduce stress
Stress works hand in hand with high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, therefore, there’s need for you to take a break from any type of stress in order to reduce your high blood pressure.