Four ways to get rid of that bloated tummy instantly

Lots of factors could make your stomach bloated, it could be as a result of excessive intake of sodium on your part or you’re down with digestive or gastrointestinal issues. Either way, ending up with a bloated belly can easily put a damper on your mood especially if you have plans later in the day.
Like, how are you supposed to look gorgeous in that dress shirt if your body is puffed up like an inflated balloon! Well, fortunately enough there are quick remedies effective in helping you banish bloat in record time!
Take lemon water
Top up a glass of water with fresh lemon slices and a bit of cayenne pepper to de-bloat your tummy within an hour or two.
Take something spicy
Your best bet here is cayenne pepper! It stimulates digestion, helps you release gas and alleviates cramping. So if your stomach is bloated as a result of indigestion, just add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to your drink and chug it down.
Use ginger
Ginger is equally effective as a de-bloating herb. There are various ways you can use it in relieving a bloated stomach, you include it in your regular smoothie drink, juice it up, or toss in the blender.
Asparagus and spinach will do just fine; however, you might need to lay off on the salt shaker so you don’t cause extra bloat. To get quick results, use either asparagus or spinach with turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper and water in whipping up a DIY smoothie.