Five Tips To Help You Stop Criticising Yourself Harshly

   Criticising yourself and your actions has the benefits of helping to spur you to be better but when you can’t stop doing it, there may be problems lurking behind the shadows.
   We all have an “inner critic” who bosses us around, second-guesses our choices, and lobs insults about our perceived shortcomings. This inner malicious voice often delivers a running internal dialogue that belittles you, warns you not to trust others, and offers bad advice about how to handle your relationships and conduct your life.
    You probably know that criticising yourself harshly isn’t doing you much good but you just can’t stop. It’s easiest to silence this bully when we’re conscious of hearing him, but usually you may be largely unaware of the extent to which your behaviour and daily lives are being directed by this hostile thought process.
Here’s the thing, though: The more you’re able to recognize the internal enemy, the easier it will be for you to shut the voice up, so you can be your best self.
To become more aware of your negative thoughts or critical inner voices, there are a number of steps to follow; to identify if you’re Criticising yourself harshly or not.

Pay attention next time a bad mood hits.
Ask yourself what you were thinking about yourself at the precise moment your mood changed. Talk to yourself, it’s been confirmed that it’s actually good for you!

Recognize situations that set off your negative thinking
Whether it’s a phone call from your dad or a friend sharing good news, or you didn’t get the promotion you needed in the office, it is important you become aware that you have turned against yourself.

Notice when you are thinking people don’t like you
The moment you notice that you are thinking people don’t like you, examine your thoughts and imagine that they were about you. This will help to stop any harsh criticisms.

Be alert to any cynical thoughts toward other people
Identify when you have any cynical thoughts towards other people, as they may help provide valuable clues of how you are attacking yourself.
Once you are able to identify the specific thoughts that makes you criticise yourself harshly, take some time to consider what prompted them in the first place

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