Drawing the line between love and smothering

Love is beautiful and perfect so I don’t think there is such a thing as too much love. 
I have never heard anyone complain of being over-loved but you can definitely hear of someone who feels smothered. Being smothered is like being suffocated. You don’t have space and it is like that person is just everywhere you turn. 
It may seem like common sense that smothering is bad but most people who do it convince themselves that they are just in love when in reality, they are showering their partners with such attention because they are scared of being alone or think that pouring such ‘love’ on someone else will fill a void in their lives. So, you see that while love is selfless, smothering at its core is actually very selfish.
It is easy to say that women tend to smother men because they are extremely expressive. But it is the same for guys. A man who is insecure will definitely smother his babe too. The funny thing is that you may never realize that you are doing it.
Therefore, you know you are smothering your partner when 
you are always showering them with attention
you are at their beck and call
you want to be involved in every decision
you expect them to spend all their time with you
you get upset when they spend time away from you
you call/text them all the time
you assume that you can provide all they need
What one person may consider as smothering will differ from another but the above are general tips. 
You should know the kind of person your partner is, what he/she defines as affection and learn to step back occasionally

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