Don’t fall for psychobabble

“Inspire to aspire to perspire to respire”.
We swallow inspirational messages and false psychological analysis hook, line and sinker without even questioning the source. The internet has really become a dangerous place.
Most of the people who come up with these feel-good lines are lazy, entitled and feel like the world owes them something. It doesn’t. You have to make what you want out of your life.
What does psychobabble do for you except make you feel temporarily better about yourself without proffering lasting solutions to your problems? “You are a being filled with light and love, go and prosper”, yes, but how? Is light and love a force for change? All it does is encourage people who are mentally and intellectually lazy, almost becoming a religion of its own.
Instead of reading your horoscope every day and quoting words of affirmation, try getting up from your bed and finishing that course. Take that walk. Call that person. Make a move.
Hearing these nice things from people who are just as confused as you might feel great at the moment, but it adds nothing to your life in the grand scheme of things.
No one is saying that you don’t need love, light and positive energy, but those things don’t pay the bills.