Critical Signs You’re Going Bald But You’re In Denial

    A lot of men are in denial and lack the self-actualization that they are going bald due to the fact that they are scared of admitting that they are.
What this means is that such men have basically gone through all the five stages of grieving for their hair loss and come out on top of it.
Unfortunately however, very few men are able to make it through the first stage, talk more of all the stages of grieving their hair loss.
A lot of people never make it past the first stage of denial and if you’re one of those people, here are six signs you’re going bald and you just don’t want to agree with the fact.
You Have More Than A Few Caps In Your Wardrobe
You don’t want to admit it but you have different types of head wears ranging from caps to fedora hats in your wardrobe. You tell yourself that they help you look stylish but deep down in your heart, you know that the different types of hats you have is basically meant to stop people from seeing your receding hairline. While it’s totally OK to wear caps from time to time, embrace your new found status and flaunt it the best way you can.
You Have A Number Of Hair Creams And Oils
You’ve taken out time to read a lot of materials and decided to invest in the different hair treatment creams recommended by your friends. As a result, you have your medicine cabinet filled up with different types of stuffs ranging from oils and creams to laser combs because you believe they can help to stop your receding hairline and stimulate your lost hair growth.
You’re Prepared To Spend More Than You Have
You’ve read about a new haircut treatment regimen that costs a little more than it should but you’re not bothered because all you’re thinking about is making your hair look good.
You spend Time Combing And Rearranging Your Hair
If you find yourself spending more than 10 minutes trying to figure out what direction to comb your hair and the best way to make it look good, while minimising hair loss, you’re definitely in denial of your present condition.
You’re Considering Wearing A Toupee
You’ve done so much research and it suddenly doesn’t seem like a bad thing for you to wear those fashionable male wigs that are being advertised.
Making Bald Jokes Doesn’t Seem Cool Anymore
You used to be one to make bald jokes with your friends and family but it no longer seems cool to do so. It’s because somewhere in your subconscious state, you know joking about it will automatically mean that you’re directing same at yourself and it won’t be so cool since you’re still in denial.
While denying that you’re going bald isn’t something you enjoy, it’s best to know that once you’re able to get past your denial, you’re set for a good place. You’re allowed to get angry but be sure to hold back on defacing your relatives that may have been responsible for passing down the defective hair gene to you. Try to embrace your new status and you’d love yourself for it.

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