Coping with holiday stress

It is ironic that holidays are associated with rest yet when it comes to the end of the year holiday; it is usually stressful in most Nigerian homes. Raise your hand if you know what I am talking about. From preparing different dishes in alarming quantities to receiving guests and then cleaning up the mess, it is stressful abeg.
For some, another stress trigger is that they have family members who come from all over and some of them, just know how to get on our nerves. So, how do you do it once again this year?

1. Anticipate and mitigate 
In Project Management there is a principle for handling risk that includes identifying possible risk factors beforehand and creating responses to it ahead of time. Do the same. You know the people coming who will annoy you so insulate yourself against them so that no matter what they do, it does not get to you.
2. Do something different this year
If the cooking always knocks the wind out of you then try a new approach this time. Re-evaluate and ask yourself how it can be better and less stressful.
3. Avoid
Going back to people that annoy you, you could always minimize how much contact you have with them.
4. Be kind
Here is a crazy idea. Have you ever thought that perhaps you never got on well because you never tried kindness? Try it this time and see how it works out.
5. Delegate
If you are getting overwhelmed, recruit other people and make them responsible for certain things e.g. friends or your kids. If you can afford it, just give the cooking out to a caterer to handle. 
6. Expect the worst
Despite all your plans know that it might not still go as you want. If it goes south, tell yourself it is an added experience and just move on. It’s holiday, don’t let anything get you down!

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