Best Christmas gifts for your man

Yes, I care about you. I care that you don't goof this Christmas and that is why I have your back by suggesting various presents you can get your man. 
1. Shoes
If your man is like Andre Johnson of Blackish, then you can never go wrong with shoes. 
2. Collectibles
Is he into comics or sci-fi? If he is then he will probably love some badass toys of action heroes/superheroes. He may have interests in collecting other stuff too, so get what you know will wow him. 
3. A trip for two
Maybe there is a vacation spot he loves. Why not set up a getaway for the two of you? 
4. Give him and his boys a treat
This may not be on the top of the list for some ladies but he does not have to spend every waking moment with you. It would be really thoughtful if you arranged for him to go out with his friends, especially if you know he’s not had time for his guys in a while. 
5. Something for his workspace
If he is a guy who loves his job then give him something that makes it better. For example, a new office chair (for his home office), a really cool pen holder, and an instrument he uses for work. 
6. A day out at the amusement park
Sounds childish, right? Yet, it would be nice to give your man a chance to let go and have lots of excitement. 
7. A presentation 
If you have an artistic side, you could record a poem you wrote for him or sing a song. You could even give him a live dance presentation. 
8. A shopping spree
Take him out and insist he chooses whatever he likes. You could give him a price range. 
9. Combination of gifts
Present him with different gifts, ranging from small to grand and spread it across a number of days. 

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