Things you shouldn't do after a breakup

  saying that breakups are hard, especially if he broke up with you, is stating the obvious. However, there are certain things most girls tend to do once this happens and I want to share them with you so you don’t fall into any of the pitfalls. You don’t have to become one of those girls who can’t let go. 

1. Trying to get him back
At first, you may decide that you are not ready to let go just yet and assume that there is something you can do to get him back. You may go as far as changing your appearance, having sex with him in the hope that he will come back, etc.
2. Stalking him
You can launch an all-out social media campaign to reach out to him, showing up where you think he will be and even at his door step.
3. Groveling 
After he breaks up with you, you may throw dignity out the window and decide to beg him to come back or asking his friends to talk to him.
4. Pretending that you have moved on
When your attempts have failed, you can lie to yourself that you are over him when you have not given yourself the time to grieve over the relationship. You try so hard to prove that you have moved on.
5. Blame yourself
Another pitfall is to convince yourself that it was all your fault and even hate yourself for messing it up.
6. Torture yourself with good memories
Some girls keep going over good memories and in the end, they fall into depression over what they have ‘lost’. 
7. Hating him
Some girls end up hating their ex for what he put them through.
None of these is healthy. Even if the breakup was your fault, it does no good to spend yourself trying to resuscitate the relationship. Learn to let go and rebuild.