The Cons of sitting cross-legged

Sitting with one leg crossed over the other has become a perpetual habit for almost everyone out there. We find it comfortable and effective in striking a classy and elegant pose but what a good number of us aren’t aware of the health implications it has.
Here are the cons attached to sitting cross-legged.
High blood pressure
Studies have revealed that there’s a significant increase in blood pressure when you cross your legs over the other. This is kinda hard to believe but this fact is actually proven to be true, so next time you’re trying to strike a good pose at the bus stop or at an interview just count on being creative and ditch the cross-legged pose.
Varicose veins
They are those unsightly blue cord-like veins that are found at the back of the calves or inner leg. Varicose veins appear on the legs when there is an obstruction in the valves in your veins; sitting cross-legged might not exactly cause varicose veins against popular misconceptions. However, you might increase your chances of developing it when you sit in that position for a very long time.
Poor posture
Sitting cross-legged might make you appear regal. Nevertheless, one possible side effect you might suffer later on is poor posture caused by the misalignment of your pelvis. 
You might not need to stop crossing your legs completely to avoid all these side effects but just ensure you don’t carry the posture for a long period of time.