How to care for your hair under the weave - 2

3. Don't keep your weave on for too long.
Beneath the weave, your hair is growing longer, and after about six to eight weeks, which is the recommended time for you to leave the weave on, your hair must have thrown about half an inch to an inch longer. If you don't take your weave out by then, it will begin to appear loose and ragged on your head. Your new growth can also begin to mat or loc, and none of those outcomes are good for you and your hair.
4. The weave matters too.
We have been talking about hair care under the weave, but it is also important that you take care of the weave hair as well. Yes, it will go eventually, but, for the while, it is on your head, you have to keep it clean and well brushed so it doesn't get all tangled up on your head. If your weave is human hair, you can pretty much do everything you do to your natural hair to it and style as you desire.
Not only will your beautiful weave get damaged from poor use, unkempt isn't a good look on you, dear beautiful woman.

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