How to be truly naked in your marriage

I don't know the first thing that may have crossed your mind when you saw this topic but it is possible that it was about being physically naked and intimate with your spouse. In my opinion that is the most basic form of nudity, even for someone who is extremely body-conscious.
What other form of nudity could there be? 
I think too many people fail to understand the gravity of marriage. The institution is not meant for the selfish or immature. The truth is that there is no one else before whom you should be 100% transparent (except God).
The same way you are used to your body is the way you should be before your spouse. This means that there is no part of you that you hide. You bare it all and there is no shame. When you look in the mirror to shave your armpit do you hide and say you are shy of your reflection?
 Vice versa, you should be ready to help your partner clean up his or her mess. No, you are not a rehab centre but that doesn't mean you walk away when you discover your partner's weaknesses/messes. Instead, you should be gentle in your approach to his/her flaws. When you are wiping your butt, you don't use sandpaper, do you? No, you use tissue-soft material.
Therefore it goes both ways. If you are not ready to bare it all without shame then marriage shouldn't be in your plans just yet. At the same time, if you don't know how to be gentle and loving with a heart that is willing to help your partner become better then take time to learn that.
Only when these two components are in two people will you say they are truly naked in their marriage.

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