How perfect friendship are meant to be

   I have heard people say that they prefer to be lone rangers because friends are always backstabbers. However, no one can function as an island. Even islands need water surrounding them to qualify to be called ‘islands’. 
Thus, you may have been hurt before but don’t close your heart just yet to friendship. You only have to be more cautious. So, I will share the things I heard in a sermon and they apply perfectly. These are the features to look out for to know if it is Honesty a real friendship or a waste of your time.
1. Consistency
Over time, have they been consistent in their feelings about you? Have they been reliable or here today and gone tomorrow? Are you certain, based on their track record, that they will always have your back? Consistency is a by-product of discipline.
Analyze this in two dimensions: a) Are they honest about you? b) Are they honest with you? If they are honest about you, they will tell you when you are messing up, what your faults are. If they are honest with you, they’ll tell you the truth about themselves. They are consistent in their representations of themselves.
2. Vulnerability
This is about having a safe space to reveal your insecurities. Do you feel safe enough to be vulnerable? Also, are they open to you, completely transparent and willing to empower you to hurt them?
3. Deep affirmation
This has to do with the ability to draw out the good in you.  So, do they say positive things about you that spur you on to be a better version of yourself?
I bet you agree that this is the perfect picture of friendship.

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