Here Are The Rules For Hanging Out With Your EX

In this article I’ll be discussing rules for hanging out with your ex… if you really, REALLY, REALLY mean you want to be “just friends.”
The first rule is time. You need to block that person and not check up on them for like a month. Agree beforehand that you’re going to be friends if you can but make sure you have that distance and space. There is no being friends after a week.
When you finally make hang out plans there are some rules you’re going to want to follow. The first is if you can really help it try not to hang at either of your houses. You’re not ready yet and you don’t need reminders of the pain.
The next step is to stay away from drugs and alcohol … which you should really be doing anyway. However you don’t want a substance to create false emotional responses or bring up feelings you’re working on breaking down. It’s also embarrassing if the other person’s drunk self is not feeling the same way.
Next stay away from coupley behavior. No cute shoving or kissing. Try not to touch. A nice hug and kiss on the cheek is all. You will want to be close but don’t do it. Stay away.
Try to keep the first hangouts short. An hour for coffee maybe one or two drinks. Don’t make huge hang out plans. It might be hard to say bye and let go of them again but this is a crucial step to becoming just friends.
Next do not talk about current people you are seeing. Just don’t do it. Stay away from this for as long as possible. It’s just not necessary in any way.
If they start talking about being in love with you… it’s not going to work out. You guys will end up back together and maybe even hurt. You can’t be friends either at this point and it’s mature to make that final decision.
You might want to consider hanging out with some of your mutual friends. This will draw attention away from you being a couple and ease into a friendship.

The last step is don’t beat yourself up if you have a minor slip. It might happen don’t dwell on it. Don’t even talk about it. Just take 5 and continue working on building a friendship.

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