Benefits of sleeping naked

Sleeping naked is got to be equal to better night rest! It doesn’t have to be the same boring routine of jumping into your PJs when you can actually go commando to bed and enjoy loads of scientifically proven health benefits.
For those folks who think sleeping naked is uncouth or improper, you would surely have a rethink after checking out the health benefits attached. Here we go!
It builds self-confidence
One indisputable fact about sleeping naked is that with time you get comfortable in your skin, this later results into you having a boost in your self-esteem and there! You are bound to feel a measure of self-assuredness outside the four corners of your bedroom.
It improves skin health
With your body bare beneath the sheets every part of your body is enabled to breathe and air out. This goes a long way in lowering your risk for certain skin diseases, besides sleeping without any confining piece of clothing actually produces a feel-good feeling and could help you get better sleep.
It improves the health of your sex organs
Sleep without a stitch on is good news for your privates! For the male sex, going commando to bed enables your testes to remain at a cooler temperature. This, in turn, ensures sperm health. For females, going to bed in the nudes gives room for their ‘down there’ to air out and this reduces their risk for yeast infection.
It could spice up your sex life
Asides from giving your partner a thrill, sleeping naked assures skin-on-skin contact with your partner and there’s the swift release of oxytocin between you both which assures everything is steamy with your partner underneath the sheets!