All Cheap Naija Network Data Plan List 2018 (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL AND 9MOBILE)

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This article compromise  of all network’s data plan for 2017. I felt the need to make a comprehensive list of all data plans in Nigeria for easy access,and also for people who would love to migrate from their current data tariff.

Below is the available list of data for Mtn, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel .
These plans are best data plans for android,Pc, apple and would work in all  of the mentioned devices, so keep calm and select the best plan based on the the Network, based on  availability in your area.

List of Data Plans for Mtn

Choosing a Mobile data plan has never been this simple. Simply select from  this rich bouquet of flexible and affordable data bundle plans below.

 Mtn Daily Plans

Data volumeAmountSubscription codeValidity
150MBN100Text”104″ to 13124 Hrs
150MBN200Text”113″ to 131
24 Hrs

 Mtn Weekly Plans

Data volumeAmountSubscription codeValidity
150MBN300Text”102″ to 1317 Days
500MB + 250MB (bonus data)N500Text”103″ to 1317 Days

 Mtn Monthly Plans

Data volumeAmountSubscription codeValidity
1GB + 500MB (*bonus data)N1,000Text”106″ to 13130 days
1.5GBN1,200Text”130″ to 13130 days
2.5GBN2,000Text”110″ to 131 30 days
5GBN3,500Text”107″ to 13130 Days
10GBN5,000Text “116” to 13130 Days
22GBN10,000Text”117″ to 13130 Days

List of Data Plans for 9mobile.

9mobile Daily PlansImage result for 9mobile logo

Data volumeAmountSubscriptioncodeValidity
10MBN50“*229*3*8#24 Hrs
50MBN100“*229*3*1#24 Hrs

 9mobile Weekly Plans

Data volumeAmountSubscription codeValidity
200MBN200“*229*2*10#7 Days

 9mobile Monthly Plans

Data volumeAmountSubscriptioncodeValidity
500MBN500*229*2*12#30 days
 1GBN1,000*229*2*7#30 days
1.5GBN1,200*229*2*12#30 days
2.5GBN2,000*229*2*12# 30 days
5GBN3,500*229*2*12#30 days
11.5GBN8,000*229*2*12#30 days
15 GBN10,000*229*4*12#30 days
27.5GBN18,000*229*2*12#30 days
100GBN84,992*229*2*12#30 days

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List of Data Plans for GLO.

 Glo Daily Plans

Data volumeAmountSubscriptioncodeValidity
30MBN50*127*14#24 Hrs
100MBN100*127*51#24 Hrs

24 Hrs

 Glo Weekly Plans

Data volumeAmountSubscriptioncodeValidity
1.6GBN500*127*57#10 Days

Glo Monthly Plans

Data volumeAmountSubscriptioncodeValidity
1.6GBN1,000*127*53#30 days
3.75GBN2,000*127*55#30 days
5GBN2,500*127*58# 30 days
6GBN3,000*127*54#30 Days
8GBN4,000*127*59#30 Days
12GBN5,000*127*2#30 Days
16GBN8,000*127*1#30 Days
23GBN10,000*127*11#30 Days
30GB15,000*127*12#30 Days
45GBN18,000*127*13# 30 Days
Note: There is a 100% percentage in data if you are on auto renewal and subscribe before 3 days after subscription has elapsed.To enable auto renewal in Glo send “Accept” as text message to 127 and you would be notified with a success message.

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List of Data Plans for AIRTEL.

 Airtel Daily Plans

Data volumeAmountSubscription codeValidity
50MBN100*401#24 Hrs
200MBN200*412#24 Hrs

Airtel Weekly Plans

Data volumeAmountSubscription codeValidity
750MBN500*418#7 Days

 Airtel Monthly Plans

Data volumeAmountSubscriptioncodeValidity
1.5GBN1,000*469#30 days
3.5GBN2,000*437# 30 days
5GBN2,500*437*1#30 Days
7GBN3,500*438#30 Days
10GBN5,000*452#30 Days
16GBN8,000*460#30 Days

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