Advice to women before getting married!!

Having known that some women or let me say young ladies just rush into marriage just because he said he loves them, or because they think he is Cool, they forget to consider all the other necessary things that he (the man) should posses to be a good husband. In this post, I will give some advice all women should heed to before getting themselves into marriage.

Dear Women, not every man is a Husband material ,some are friendzone materials, some are sex mate materials, some are baby-papa materials, some are husband materials, some are father materials, some are boyfriend material. The first advice is to Marry a Man that has the qualities of a Brother, Husband and Father. Some of you, get into marriage with men who have no business being married. Let me tell you this that Marriage is not for everybody.There are some men that are not wired to function in matrimony, so getting married to such a man will be like hell on earth. Therefore, don't allow marriage desperation or societal pressure to push you into the arms of a man who is not ready or suited for matrimony.

The second advice is to look around yourself and find a man who is also ready to settle down for marriage. Nowadays most men get married just for the status or because their friends are getting married and they want to feel amomg. Those kind of men will just marry wives and keep for their mothers and fathers to look after. For instance a man who got married and travelled out of the country for 5, 6 and even 7 years without coming home to see their wife or even contacing them via social media to know how they are, I mean what is that?
You shouldn't be theoretically married. Marriage must be practical. Some men are just very selfish. Take this from me, a selfish man can never be a good husband. Matrimony thrives on mutualism. It is a give and take situation.

Some Illogical Reasons Why you should Marry him.
1. Don't marry him because you are pregnant for him.
2. Don't marry him because he deflowered you.
3. Don't marry him because you are unemployed.
4. Don't marry him because you've dated him for long.
5. Don't marry him because you invested in him financially.

Listed above are some stupid and unintelligent reasons why you should even think of getting married to a man. Instead, Marry him because you believe he is worthy of being called your Husband and the father of your unborn kids. There are men everywhere but Husbands are scarce. 

And If you are a man reading this post don't make it a gender war. And don't take it personal. This post is for women. I know there are unwifable women but that's a post for another day. Thank you for your understanding.

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