Here are the times you shouldn't drink water

While it is recommended to take 8-10 glasses of water on a daily basis in order to keep our body hydrated and maintain good health nevertheless, there are several instances when drinking water might not be ideal.

When your pee is crystal clear
If your body is dehydrated your pee will be a dark shade of yellow. Meanwhile, an indication that your body is overhydrated is given off by your urine color being almost clear like water. This is when you know it’s time to take a break from taking water for a while.
After eating a lot
After taking a heavy meal, taking lots of water might make you end up with a bloated stomach. Therefore, after overeating, just give liquids a break so you save yourself the pain and discomfort attached to having a bloated belly.
When the water has artificial sweeteners
Flavored water or sugary sports drinks usually appear to be low in calories. However, they are a big lie since they spike hunger levels, making you eat more than necessary and there you end up taking unnecessary calories.
When indulging in intense physical exercise
While working out at the gym, your body actually loses certain nutrients which cannot be replaced just by chugging down water. Therefore, while carrying out any form of rigorous physical exercise, experts suggest that opting for drinks rich in vitamins, potassium, sodium, etc, is the way to go.

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